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    “FMCW LiDAR: 自動駕駛與更多可能”-2023 PSC中華光電學會年中研討會

    摘要:“FMCW LiDAR: 自動駕駛與更多可能”-2023 PSC中華光電學會年中研討會

      FMCW LiDAR as a potentially better solution for autonomous driving at different levels is being pursued by many companies in the industry. As LiDAR solutions based on TOF technologies have been deployed in volume in recent years, where are the chances for FMCW LiDAR to surpass and overtake the incumbent products in the long run? At this exclusive workshop, PSC invited representatives from renowned players of FMCW LiDAR and a well-established wind sensing company to share their insights on its opportunities and the future. With a captivating Q&A session at the end of the workshop, we hope to provide a better understanding of the playing field and clarify some of the myths about FMCW LiDAR in the community.

      Speaker Information

      Marcus Yang, Sr. PM/Eng. Director, Silicon Photonics at Intel. As a tech executive with over two decades of experience and a former technical fellow, Marcus held various leadership roles at top tech firms such as Sr Product Director in Intel, led the R&D of many cutting-edge technologies, influenced technology standards/trends, and filed 20+ patents.

      Ralf J. Muenster, Vice President, Business Development and Marketing at SiLC. Ralf has over two decades of experience in commercializing and growing differentiated high-tech businesses and expanding customer and partnership engagements. Prior to SiLC, Muenster was the director of Texas Instruments' CTO office. He has also held various executive roles in the semiconductor industry, including a successful computer start-up company in Germany. He received a master's degree in physics from the Technical University in Munich.

      Dr. Guanghua Yang, a Professor, IET Fellow, Co-founder and CTO of Inxun Technology. Dr. Yang got his PhD in electronic engineering from the University of Hong Kong and has dedicated over 20 years to cutting-edge research and industrialization in advanced signal processing and artificial intelligence. He has published 100+ high-impact papers in top international journals and conferences and leading 20+ projects, including National Key R&D Programs, National Natural Science Foundation projects, and Guangdong Province Key Area R&D Programs. He also holds over 20 domestic and international invention patents.

      Dr. Xiaochen Sun, Co-founder and CTO of LuminWave. with a Ph.D. in Materials Science & Engineering from MIT and a B.S. in Physics from Peking University, boasts nearly 20 years of experience in integrated Si photonics R&D and commercialization. He co-founded LaXense, which developed photonic chips for optical transceivers, and was acquired by a leading system company. LuminWave has recently initiated production and is recognized as a tech soonicorn. He also serves as an adjunct professor at the Chinese Academy of Science.

      Zengli Xiao, Technical Director of R&D Center at Nanjing Movelaser. Graduated from Beijing Institute of Technology in EE, 2014. 4 years experince in mm Wave and micro-wave radars since 2011, 7 years experinces in wind lidar since 2016, major in lidar singal processing, wind reconstruction algorithms and wind lidar system design.

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      會議名稱:2023 PSC中華光電學會年中研討會

      會議主題:FMCW LiDAR: 自動駕駛與更多可能


      會議時間:北京時間2023年12月9日 10 am(周六)

      太平洋時間2023年12月8日 6 pm(周五)


      全程英文,免費注冊觀看 (鏈接即將發布)


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