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    摘要:賽勒科技發布800G硅光引擎,針對數據中心與通信市場,新產品將在OFC 2023與合作伙伴索爾思光電以800G高速光模塊形式進行動態聯展,索爾思展位號3029

      ICC訊 2023年3月2日,南通賽勒光電科技有限公司(簡稱“賽勒科技“),今日宣布其針對數據中心與通信市場研發的新產品—800G硅光引擎,將在2023年度美國光通信大會 (OFC, 3/7-9) 與合作伙伴索爾思光電以800G高速光模塊形式進行動態聯展,合作伙伴索爾思展位號3029。

      Shanghai, March.02, 2023 – SiLUX Technologies Inc. (“SiLUX”), the designer and developer of silicon Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) and optical engine for the data center and telecommunication markets, today announced that it will conduct a live demonstration of its 800G optical engine together with its partner Source Photonics Inc. (“Source”) in QSFP-DD800 form factor. The live demonstration will take place at booth #3029 during the upcoming OFC’23 Conference in San Diego, CA from March 7 – 9, 2023.

      The 800G optical transceiver module owned by Source Photonics is integrated with SiLUX's novel high performance silicon photonics (SiPho) optical engine, which incorporates SilUX’s Silicon Photonic Modulator PIC with a small size of 6.5mmx5.25mm and two continuous wave (CW) lasers that each supports four lanes. The 800G Sipho Modulator PIC monolithically integrates multiplemodulators, splitters, waveguides and coupling structures, and enableshigh-speed modulation of light operating at 100Gb/s PAM4 signaling for data transmission.

      The demonstrated 800G DR8 Sipho transceivers are designed to work seamlessly with Source Photonics’ industrial leading CW laser chips.It exceeds the optical interface specifications of IEEE P802.3df D2.0 for 800GBASE-DR8. It supports links over 500m and 2km for fiber breakout into 100GBASE-DR1 and 100GBASE-FR1. It leverages the state of the art 5nm DSP silicon and is packaged into type 2 QSFP-DD800 form-factor with dual MPO-12 connectors.

      “We are happy to team up with SiLUX for this critical live demonstration, which represents a key milestone for each company,” said Dr. Frank Chang, Chief Engineer and CTO of Source Photonics Inc. “Future 800G optical transceivers reply on silicon photonics to address the increasing need for high capacity density and energy efficiency at lower cost. Together with our partners in the industry, we are thrived to bring high reliability and compelling cost per bit solution to our customers worldwide. The fully integrated PICs designed by SiLUX will result in lower cost and the ability to rapidly scale production. With these advantages, SiPho technologies will remain a very competitive choice for 800G application and the potential in 1.6T and beyond, and will continuously catch the attention of leading systems companies and hyperscale data centers all over the world.”

      About Silux Technologies Co., Ltd.

      Silux Technologies Co., Ltd. (SiLUX) is a Chinese company located in Shanghai, China. SiLUX is focusing on silicon-photonics-based technologies, providing a wide variety of PICs (photonic integrated circuits) for the data center and tele-communication markets. SiLUX also offers optical engines/solutions to customers with leading edge technologies both on chip’s performance and ease of packaging. The solutions will enable customer to develop silicon photonics-based products quickly and easily improving time to market and component costs. At SiLUX, we are committed to consistently striving to helping our customers achieve high speed, high quality and cost-effective network solutions with innovative silicon photonics technologies. More information is available at www.siluxtek.com.

      About Source Photonics Inc.

      As a leading global provider of innovative and reliable technology solutions for communications and data connectivity, we add value to our customers by developing next-generation solutions that enable their growth by meeting the rapidly increasing demands of cloud infrastructure, wireless communications, routing, and fiber-to-the-premises applications worldwide. Through lean management, manufacturing, and our Source Lean Quality (SLQ) system, we run our world-class operation at maximum efficiency, identifying and eliminating waste in our processes to create more value for our customers. Our technical expertise in R&D runs deep with manufacturing process development expertise and highly specialized engineering teams based around the globe — experts in optoelectronic devices, optical subassembly, and module design. Source Photonics is headquartered in West Hills, CA and has key R&D and manufacturing facilities in California, Taiwan, Shanghai, Chengdu, and Jintan, China. More information may be obtained at www.sourcephotonics.com.

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